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Vietnam visa - vietnam visa online - visa to vietnam: To apply for Vietnam visa, you can both go in person toVietnam embassies/consulates in your country and apply online. As one of few organizations optimizing online solutions, now helps you process your Vietnam visa in the shortest time as we do everything ONLINE. It means, you should apply for your Vietnam visa online, pay online and receive your approval letter through your registered email. It is totally fast and convenient and used by most people worldwide.
How efficient it is?

Vietnam visa online possesses itself several pros as follows:
Fast: only 1 working day (Urgent service) or 2 working days (normal service)
Secured: no requirement for original passport, granted by Vietnam Immigration Department
Cheap: no transportation fee, no postage fee as everything is done over email.
How to apply for Vietnam Visa Online?
Visa for Vietnam can be applied in the following ways:
1. Vietnam visa on arrival (by air only)
Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival here
Receive your approval letter after 1 or 2 working days
Print it out and stamp for Vietnam visa at Vietnam airports

Visa on arrival is highly recommended for those who travel by air as:
Saving you at least 20% over getting a visa at embassy.
No consulate fee, no transportation fee to visit an embassy
No postage fee as everything is done over email.
No original passport
Convenient and hassle-free
2. Vietnam visa approval code (by land/water, etc)
There are two ways for you to get Vietnam visa approval code:
2.1. Apply online
Apply online here to get Vietnam visa approval code
Receive approval code after 1 or 2 working days
Print it out and bring it to Vietnam embassy/consulate to stamp for Visa
2.2. Apply for Vietnam visa at the Vietnam embassy/consulate
Go directly to Vietnam embassy
Wait for 3-5 workings day
The fee is $70 upward.
In short, Vietnam visa on arrival is more time-saving and convenient. In case, you would like to travel by ship/land…, you should apply online for Vietnam visa and then stamp Visa at Vietnam embassy/consulate to save up your time speed up the Vietnam Visa procedure.
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Hi, I wish to apply for visa to Vietnam. I'm male, 48, from Algeria. could you tell me the documents to provide and the terms?

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