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YLLawyers Firm are experts in business debt collection. As a member of several professional organisations and Chambers of Commerce we have access to tracing and investigation resources that deliver unrivalled results when recovering business debts.
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Vietnam Collection Agency - Our agency specializes in the expedient and tactically precise collection of your debtors in Vietnam. Our approach to the collection of your bad debt claims is not what you are accustomed to. Our mindset is only focused on the collection of your money, as quickly and as efficiently as we can recover it. Our collection agency staff consists of well seasoned professionals who are uniquely trained to pursue your debtors in Vietnam, utilizing advanced methods of debt collection. Our agency collectors recover an average of 70% of your money which is virtually unheard of in the Collection Industry.  The reason for our collection success is two-fold. The first part deals with our innate ability to formulate an individualized collection strategy for each and every debtor that we face, whether in Vietnam, the U.S. or in another country. Secondly, we execute our collection strategy with the precision of a well coordinated air strike. 
Collection agencies are a dime a dozen and finding the right collection agency to handle your collection portfolio in Vietnam can be both frustrating and time consuming. As stated previously, we are not your average run of the mill Vietnam collection agency. We provide expert collection services for those clients in Vietnam who are not afraid to take an aggressive approach in the collection of their debtors.  We do not make friends with your debtors, nor do we want you to think that our aim in the collection process is to ensure that your customer in Vietnam returns to do business with you. That is not what our agency is about.  That is not part of our collection agenda. We are about collecting your money fast, utilizing every legal means necessary to do so.  
If you are looking for a Vietnam debt collection agency to handle the collection of your customers gently and diplomatically then we are definitely not what you are looking for. However, if by chance, you are looking for a hardnosed, intensely effective Vietnam collection service that can recover a greater portion of your bad debt claims than the other guys can, then you have come to the right place. Make no mistake, our collection agency is tough, persistent and highly aggressive. We back up what we say and we are very different than the rest of the collection agencies in Vietnam that you may have come to know. If you want more money collected with a faster turnaround time, use our collection agency. 

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Hi I would like to collect a debt from an individual in Hanoi. It was a loan based on trust so it's very hard for me to get the money back without official contract or documents. Total amount $4000

Can u do this service?

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