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HDP proudly announces itself as one of the leading law firms specialized in provision of investment consultancy. HDP Law Firm has been providing the legal consultancy and support for investor’s researching, projecting, fulfilling documents to be granted with Investment Permit to implement many domestic and oversea investment projects. HDP Law Firm’s investment-related services include

Consultancy on investment project formation:

  • Provide the consultancy on investment law, plan, policy in general and legal policy relevant to investor’s specific investment field, investment project formation;
  • Predict the fluctuation of law and policy which may affect investment projects of investors.
  • Support the looking for project location.
  • And on the basis of our large relation, we can help seek and assess the investment location in order to facilitate the best decision made by investors.

Provide investors with consultancy on:

  • Feasibility of investment projects;
  • Legal conditions required for investment projects;
  • Applicable investment preferences;
  • Risks possible from Vietnamese law system, socio-economic and market fluctuation.
  • Duration for legalizing investor’s official business;
  • Best investment solutions which can guarantee investor’s business strategies and comply with Vietnamese and Native-country’s laws.

Establishment of Vietnam-based Overseas-capitalized enterprise:

  • We provide the consultancy about procedures and documents required and support investors in compiling and preparing sufficient project documents for establishment of overseas-100%-capitalized enterprise or joint venture in Vietnam;
  • Business cooperative contracts as regulated by Investment Law and relevant legal documents, application for to-oversea investment permit;
  • Consider and consult investors about contents of project-related documents;
  • Act as representative for investors to make discussion on project-related legal issues and documents with counterparts;
  • Provide the services of translation, notarization, and consular legalization.
  • Play the role as representative for investors to apply for permit and supervise the project appraisal process at State agency of Vietnam;
  • Consult, represent investors to discuss and make presentation with State agency of Vietnam about all issues relevant to Projects in order to realize the highest preferences;
  • Spare no effort to attain Investment Permit for Projects

Consultancies during Investment Project’s Operation:

  • HDP Law Firm always makes itself ready for consulting and supporting investors in compiling and preparing all documents as well as fulfilling procedures related to hire of land, office, employment, labor law and other legal issues concerning investment activities in Vietnam and native countries such as: capital transfer, transmission of investment mode, up/down of capital, function expansion;
  • Investment-relating preferences such as: preferential tax, tax rebate, tax exemption or reduction; land rental exemption or reduction, export reward;
  • Registering the domesticalization rate, accounting investment capital, tax, contract, dealing with civil and economic disputes, intellectual property; compiling regulations, principles and collective labor agreement; realizing technology transfer;
  • Establishing representative office, branch of foreign investors in Vietnam and other countries.

Provision of Legal Documents

HDP Law Firm always attaches the significance to updating the latest legal Documents in both Vietnamese and English languages in order to facilitate the accession for all investors, especially documents which directly regulate the relations during the investment projects

  • Investment Law;
  • Enterprise Law;
  • Labor Law;
  • Law on Land, Compensation and Site Clearance
  • Commercial Law
  • Law on Intellectual Property
  • Other legal documents…

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dear sir, I would like to know more about investing in Vietnam, currently I am looking to shift my diecasting production into Vietnam,, but I do not know how much capital is required for 100%foreign own company in Vietnam??
so could you please gives me more info thanks.
sir i woud like to register of my general trading office in veitnam so there for i need the information regarding prociedure /documentation and govt.fees,
thank you

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