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Pursuant to Articles 103 and 106 of the 1992 Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, which was amended and supplemented under Resolution No. 51/2001/QH10 dated on 25 December 2001 of the X the National Assembly, the 10th session; This Law provides for commercial activities
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This Law regulates investment activities for business purposes; the rights and obligations of investors; the guarantee of lawful rights and interests of investors; encouragement of investment and investment incentives; State administration of investment activities in Vietnam and offshore investment from Vietnam.
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Auction charge guided in this Circular apply to property auction under the Government’s Decree No. 05/2005/ND-CP of January 18, 2005, on property auction (referred to as Decree No. 05/2005/ND-CP for short) and to the auction of land use rights for land allocation with collection of land use levy or for ...
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Circular No. 177/2009/TT-BTC of September 10, 2009, guiding the determination of taxable incomes from exchange rate differences of foreign-currency payable debts
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This Law provides for objects subject and not subject to value-added tax, taxpayers, tax bases, tax calculation methods, and tax credit and refund.
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This Law provides for enterprise income taxpayers, taxable incomes, tax-exempt incomes, tax bases, tax calculation methods, and tax incentives