Vietnam company formation
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This Law provides for the management of public debts, which covers the borrowing, use of loans and debt payment and public debt management operations
Vietnam company formation
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This Law provides urban planning activities including elaborating, evaluating, approving and adjusting urban planning; organizing the implementation of urban planning and managing urban development according to approved urban planning.
Vietnam company formation
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This Law provides the health insurance regime and policies, including participants, premium rates, responsibilities and methods of payment of health insurance premiums; health insurance cards; eligible health insurance beneficiaries; medical care for the insured; payment of costs of medical care covered by health insurance; health insurance fund; and rights and ...
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Educational programs must ensure modernity, stability, consistency, practicality, reasonability and inheritability among different educational grades and different training levels: facilitate the streaming, transferability and conversion between training levels, disciplines and educational forms in the national education system; provide a basis to ensure comprehensive education quality; and meet international integration ...
Vietnam company formation
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Providing strategic environmental assessment, environmental impact assessment and environmental protection commitment
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This Law provides for scientific and technological organizations, individuals involved in scientific and technological activities and the organization of scientific and technological activities
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The penalty of imprisonment of six months to five years shall be imposed on any person who produces and sells counterfeit goods:
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Industrial property is the ownership by individuals and legal persons of inventions, utility solutions, industrial designs, trademarks, and of the right to the use of appellations of origin and other objectswhich may be provided by law ...
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Decree No.103/2006/ND-CP dated september 22, 2006, detailing and guiding the implementation of a number of articles of the law on intellectual property regarding industrial property
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Decree N.o 72/2006/ND-CP dated July 25, 2006 on detailing the trade law’s regulations on representative offices, branches of foreign businesses in Vietnam